Bernal Heights Remodel

A diamond in the rough, this house was built 16 years ago as a modest home. Our clients wanted to make a dramatic change to create a new, exciting, modern living space. The living rooms were moved to the top floor and a new 30’ clerestory was added above the existing roof to bring in great amounts of light and to impart a greater sense of volume. This complete remodel included a new kitchen, bathrooms, sleeping quarters, living and dining rooms, office, garage, as well as an outside patio that provides a lovely exterior space and views of Twin Peaks.

Design Credit: Alex Riley Associates

Client Testimonial

We did a complete remodel with a very contemporary design in Bernal Heights. With all of our straight lines and right angles we needed someone who could deliver top quality finishes without breaking the bank. The V and Company team are superb craftspeople, which you can see in our clean lines and material transitions. It is such a pleasure to come home every day and marvel at the beautiful space we get to live in.
– Susan and Don Monson, San Francisco