Our Approach


Through open communications, proactive project management and a commitment to quality and service, V and Company not only ensures you’re satisfied with the completed project; we make the entire remodeling process efficient, safe and enjoyable.

Ultimately, our foremost concern is you, the client. From inception to post completion, we ensure your project’s success through the use of proven project management systems. Throughout the project, we openly communicate with you and the team. Additionally, we regularly issue progress notes, updated schedules and budgets to ensure a timely project that is masterfully carried out.

Below is an overview of our approach to projects. However, each project is unique, and we would be happy to speak with you further about how we can best work with you on your project. 


Schematics and Project Planning


Some homeowners find it’s cost effective to hire us before or while the architectural plans are being drawn. At this stage, we can forecast the cost of construction for you, providing information to help make decisions and changes when they are easier and less expensive than changing course during construction.

Services Offered:

– Project Budgeting
– Value-engineering
– Scheduling (and its effect on project value)
– Supplier and subcontractor input





In this phase, we review your architectural and engineering plans, estimate costs, collect prices from subcontractors and develop the project schedule. We assist in the permit process, order products and materials, and discuss with you how your plans match up to your budget. If needed, we suggest alternatives that hold down costs while maintaining the overall look and objective of your project.

Services Offered:

– Project budgeting
– Value-engineering
– Design and construction coordination
– Computer scheduling
– Supplier and subcontractor referrals and bid reviews




In order to keep all work on track, your project will have a dedicated V and Company on-site supervisor, who will be supported by our project managers and office staff. Bob Vranizan reviews each project regularly to assure that high standards are maintained, as well as to proactively resolve any issues that might arise. At weekly meetings with you, we discuss the construction progress, facilitate decisions and review related project costs.

Services Offered:

– Detailed weekly meetings and meeting minutes
– Detailed estimating and cost reports
– Quality control
– Schedule updates and projections
– On-site and off-site construction supervision
– Fine-tuning field situations requiring attention




We stand by our work after each project is completed. We will schedule visits three, six and twelve months out to make sure you are satisfied with all of our work, and will make any adjustments that you or we feel would be helpful.

Services Offered:

– Onsite completed project review
– Warranty, maintenance and product information binder
– Site visits
– Adjustments to work if needed
– Post-construction advice