V and Company has had the pleasure to work with multiple repeat clients, including some that we have had for more than 18 years. We pride ourselves on providing high quality service, clear communication and prompt performance. Additionally, we enjoy strong collaborations with a number of building partners.

We treat every project as if it were for our own family, with an unparalleled level of detail and respect for both our clients and their homes. This commitment to satisfied clients and passion is creating beautiful homes might be why 100% of our business has been from repeat clients and referrals.

We did a complete remodel with a very contemporary design in Bernal Heights. With all of our straight lines and right angles we needed someone who could deliver top quality finishes without breaking the bank. The V and Company team are superb craftspeople, which you can see in our clean lines and material transitions. It is such a pleasure to come home every day and marvel at the beautiful space we get to live in.

 —Susan and John Monson, San Francisco

Bob did an extensive, complex, year-long remodel for our family. Most people say ‘never again’ after a remodel of this scale, but Bob made sure that every member of the team, including the subcontractors, cared as much about the outcome as we did. The best thing I can say about V and Company is that there will be another remodel in our future and we’ll use Bob and his team.

—Don Santel, San Francisco

I thought artistry and efficiency were mutually exclusive, but Bob and his team proved me wrong. They remodeled my penthouse and it’s just what I wanted. And they were always sensitive to my needs and wishes. Thanks, V and Company!

L. W., San Francisco

When V and Company remodeled my kitchen, they handled the whole process, so I could enjoy the fun parts of design without the stress of what I was getting into. They also delivered top-quality workmanship, with all the small touches that can turn great into fantastic. I will definitely use V and Company for future projects.

—Peter Magladry, San Francisco

The partnership I established with Robert and V and Company allowed for a successful implementation of a complete home remodel. I look forward to maintaining this relationship as I collaborate on future home projects.

—David Coons, San Francisco